Look Hard, Feel Hard

Hardcore Clothing You've

Been Looking For 

Death Grip Clothing is quickly becoming a fan favorite in Alternative Men's Fashion. Created by retired independent pro wrestler and former band merch dude, Dr. Death Grip, Death Grip Clothing is worn by Rockstars, MMA Fighters, Pro Wrestlers, and most importantly the fans all around the world.

Many of whom have reported that after wearing Death Grip t-shirts, they can talk to woman easier, add 300 pounds to their bench press, and be noticed as the Alpha in every room they walk into (yes, you read that right).

Death Grip Clothing prints a select amount of t-shirts for each design. Making each shirt sold a limited edition for our customers to brag about on the weekends. Wearing a Death Grip t-shirt automatically puts you into an "Elite" club.

Without hardcore clothing, you risk blending in with the herd. People who do great things are looking for more. They're looking for clothing away from the norm. That will give them the confidence to do epic shit.

Look no further.