Gain Self Confidence Instantly When Lost

Every day we're faced with challenges. Some small, and others are catastrophic. 

The need for secure self-confidence building in our everyday lives is vital in handling these challenges. Forging unbreakable confidence takes practice, focus, self-control, and courage. These are the seeds of greatness that aid in pulling us through the darkness. Even embrace it at times.

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How To Work Towards Self-Confidence
Confidence is achieved in several different ways. Most people aren't born with it. Somewhere along their journey, they built it. Most people I know that developed with patience, practice, and positive self-reinforcement.

It's unlikely to be confident at all times. I know I'm not. I catch myself second-guessing decisions all the time. But in high-stress situations, when it really counts, my self-confidence kicks in. It's there because I work to strengthen it every day. Constructing a fail-safe of sorts that I can go to. So that I can respond to any issue with the necessary confidence and force required to stay the course.

The following are a few of the methods I use when shaping the path back to being confident.

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Follow Your Intuition
Following your intuition allows you to be more decisive. It encourages you to have an unshakeable amount of trust and strength in your decision-making process. This empowers you to carry out actions with a "Win or Learn" way of thinking. You either win or you learn. You never lose.

Without the confidence to trust in yourself and your intuition to make decisive decisions, you might get caught second-guessing yourself. This can take time away from achieving the goal you're working towards. When it comes to problem-solving and getting the job done, confident people are at the top of the mountain.

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Pay Attention To The Little Things
How you do anything is how you do everything. Every little thing matters. How you do the dishes matters. If you make your bed in the morning matters. How often you clean the house matters. I can go on and on.

Doing the small things to the best of your ability will help prepare you to do the big things to the best of your ability. It will give you the confidence to settle for nothing less. Cutting corners will no longer be acceptable to you. This will provide you with the confidence to strive for more flawless execution in anything and everything you decide to face.

Your surroundings and environment play a significant role in formulating the kind of positive outlook you'll need to gain confidence. So keep your ship tight.

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Practice Gratitude
Practicing gratitude daily in the morning can put you in a Growth Mindset and establish a positive tone for your day. It can encourage a willingness to strive forth until an end goal is reached.

A Growth Mindset will also build on your increasing self-confidence. The daily experiences of peace, joy, and unconditional love all give way to a more robust ability to cope with stressful situations. Over time, practicing gratitude can create an unlimited amount of confidence in you. It will allow you to tap into your self-confidence whenever needed. This ability to call on the seemingly dormant self-confidence is a definite advantage when facing challenges that require a higher level of risks in decision making.

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Become A Leader
Confidence is needed in leadership in just about every corner of life. Taking on a leadership role when presented, will sharpen belief in yourself.

You'll find that preparing others to follow your lead is no easy task. It'll be met with objection at times. But people are naturally drawn to the leadership traits that confidence displays. Taking the initiative to step into a leadership role and succeeding will build your confidence to lead again and again.

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Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help When Needed
It takes courage to ask others for help when faced with a problem. Our egos can quickly get in our way. Be confident in your capabilities, but know when to ask for help. This level of confidence may take the ability to find and listen to other people with different points of view. Then use the guidance given as you see fit.

Use situations like the ones above to keep your confidence level where it needs to be at all times. If you're down and out, reflect on these times. The times you've risen to the occasion and built your self-confidence. Use it as a way to bring back order to the circus of the mind. Always remember who you are and what you are capable of.